Turn the crystal into a brilliant one!



The EcoWonderWheels are born with the goal of solving a specific problem: eliminate the largest number of lines left by the passage of the diamond wheel, making the edge of the glass shining like a crystal, with less time.

When using a traditional polishing wheel on the edge many lines remain, these lines can also be felt by passing the finger on the glass.

All the signs not removed make the glass almost “dead”, a glass of this type doesn’t capture the light, it isn’t really shiny, it remains almost opaque and can’t express all its beauty, the glass loses its value.

Thanks to the peripheral polishing wheels EcoWonderWheels, instead, the glass comes back to life, becomes bright, shiny, smooth to the touch, it acquires much more light and value.


The EcoWonderWheels are Peripheral polishing wheels and have three strong points:

– create a shiny brilliant like a crystal

– increase processing speed

don’t need internal water holes.

These three points are extremely connected.

The polishing wheels EcoWonderWheels, in fact, create a very bright gloss removing most of the lines on the glass, the most important thing is that they can do all this with only one step, shaping quickly and allowing you to work immediately.

Most of the wheels on the market requires that the polishing wheel be passed at least 2 times on the edge to have the same polish as ours, this means wasting time and consuming the polishing wheel first with the same number of pieces made.

The EcoWonderWheels, on the contrary, require only one pass, using the parameters that we recommend, and create immediately a very bright glass.

E’ di fondamentale importanza utilizzare i parametri che indichiamo a seconda del tipo di lavorazione che si deve eseguire.

The machine must be set correctly to allow the EcoWonderWheels to achieve the best performance.

The data we indicate were the result of long tests and important collaborations with different glass company and machine manufacturers.

The consequence is that they make the glass extremely polished and allow, with just 1 pass, to work a greater number of glass meters in less time with even brighter polishing.