“You are what you do,

not what you say you do. ” 

                                       (Carl Gustav Jung)



The solidity of a company is not measured by the words it says, but by the concrete actions it takes.

For us, a concrete action is to guarantee our EcoWonderWheels with a insurance on the products Money-Back guarantee.

We are the only ones in the glass wheels industry to have this guarantee and we decided to insert it because we are 100% sure of the quality of our polishing wheels.

The careful selection of raw materials, the attention to the production process and the strict quality control to which all the EcoWonderWheels are subjected, allows us to guarantee our wheels.


In the event that, in fact, the customer uses the wheels and doesn’t polish, he can send back all the wheels he bought and will be replaced or, if he prefers, he can ask for a refund.

The Money Back guarantee is valid for 2 months from the purchase and can be used on condition that all the wheels are sent back.

After using two wheels you can ask for a refund, as two wheels are enough to understand the quality of the gloss obtained with the EcoWonderWheels.