“The future belongs to those who believes

 in the beauty of their dreams.”


(Eleanor Roosevelt)

Hi, I’m Luca Moreschi,

Luca MoreschiOwner of M.L.I., company that produces the peripherals polishing  wheels “EcoWonderWheels” both for CNC machines and for manual machines.

I was born in a family that produced resin wheels for glass applications, everything started in 1921, we produced them for everyone, then we started to produce also the metal diamond wheels to complete the range and commercialize every type of wheel for glass applications.

I literally grew up among the glass wheels, I can still remember when, as a child, I spent my afternoons with my grandfather Nino scampering about through the workshop on my tricycle.


I remember clearly the smell of pressed resin (it was bakelite), zigzagging through the presses on that tricycle that I used like a cross bike. To a three, four year old, the workshop seemed immense.


At that time my father worked with my grandfather, I remember that he employed  more women than men, he told me: “women have little hands and thanks to this they work with more precision”, when I arrived in the workshop all these women filled me with cuddles, they treated me like I was their child.

I liked going to Dad after school, I liked to run between machines, I liked to get all the attention.

I looked at my father with his hands full of  fat and I thought: “when I grow up I will be like you, when I grow up I will be like my father”.

Then suddenly everything changed, when I was 17 my father disappeared from a bad illness and my life was turned upside down.

At the age of 20 I started working in the family business, first in the molding department, then in the production of resin wheels and diamond wheels, then in the warehouse and finally in the commercial department, which became increasingly dominant in my working life and allowed me to visit many glass company in different countries and to grow the company in the world.

As time runs, more than 20 years have already passed.

My life was there, in the family business and I believed that nothing would ever change.

Life sometimes has unpredictable programs and so after 20 years of work in that company, a new adventure has begun: a new product never made before by my family, a new formula a new          Know-How and consequently a new company, The M.L.I.Mole Lucidanti Italiane”.

The difficulties have been many, indeed very many, for some people it is crazy to leave a certain and solid reality, but I love challenges and I believe that a man who doesn’t have the courage to follow his dreams is a dead man.

So I decided to start from scratch, indeed … below zero.

M.L.I. is a very different reality from all the others company on the market, for a very simple reason, it is a company that produces a single product:

The EcoWonderWheels, the peripheral polishing wheels for CNC machines and Vertiacl machine for Engraving CNC and shaped manual machines but always and only peripherals polishing wheels.

I believe that focusing is the key to success, only by focusing on a single product we are able to guarantee high quality standards, both in terms of product quality and in terms of quality of service and support of the customers.

The quality of the product derives from the accuracy in the choice of raw materials and the materials that compose it, from the continuous and constant evolution of the production and automation processes of the wheel itself.

The quality of the service is the respect of delivery times and the speed in the supply of our EcoWonderWheels.

My goal is not to do everything, my goal is to do one thing and do it very well, it seems to me already a very good result!

A few months ago I went back to that industrial building  where it all started thanks to my great grandfather  Vincenzo, I wanted to show my wife where the family history of my family had started.

That industrial building , looked with the eyes of a man who is now over 40 years old was not so big, but the dream he created is great.