“When every resource

physical or mental is concentrated,

its own power to solve a problem

it multiplies tremendously. “

(Norman Vincent Peale)


SPECIALIZATION is the key to success.

The company philosophy of M.L.I. srl “Mole Lucidanti Italiane” is very different from that of other companies, the focus is in fact to produce a single product: the EcoWonderWheels, Peripheral Polishing Wheels, both for last generation machines, as for CNC machines, and for first generation manual machines.

The total concentration on a single product allows to condense all the attention, all the expertise, all the professionalism in a single product, the peripheral polishing wheels.

When an entire company is focused on a single precise objective and concentrates every single economic and mental resource on a single product, then the quality that it achieves is superior to that of every competitor.

Quality comes from focusing on a single product: the EcoWonderWheels, the peripheral polishing wheels for CNC machines and manual machines.

This business philosophy is as effective as it is rare, most companies on the market produce many products with a consequent enlargement of the range, this leads to losing the concentration necessary to guarantee high quality standards, in all respects.

On the contrary, M.L.I. thanks to its work focused on peripheral polishing wheels, it can guarantee:

  • The shipping to Italian and European glass company within 48 hours of order.
  • A polishing of the edge of the glass shining like a crystal, with fewer lines.
  • Less time in the production process.
  • Less time in creating the profile of the polishing wheel.
  • Longer wheel life, less tool changes and more specific efficiency.
  • MONEY-BACK Guarantee

I am sure that when you work with the heart and with the passion you can express what you have inside and become a champion.