New company, Innovative grinding wheels


Mole Lucidanti Italiane is a newly founded company aimed at the evolution of the grinding wheels sector.

The basic idea is to create a unique type of grinding wheel – polishing, in fact – so as to focus all attention and efforts on the creation of a new product with both high performance and quality.

The most important innovation is in the use of raw materials that are used to create the new polishing wheels, which are a combination of ecological products that enable to use materials that would otherwise be discarded, and which, part of a correct production process, are used in the best possible way.

Antonino Galatà, a well-known name in the glass sector, with more than 35 years of experience and important collaboration with companies such as Tyrolit Vincent and Swarovski, has been an important part of this new, important and revolutionary project right from the start.

Mola Lucidante Eco guarantees 50% longer life compared to other grinding wheels on the market, fewer lines on the glass compared to competitors’ wheels, as well as greater appreciation of the polished edge.

The results are confirmed by years of tests and have been achieved thanks to 95 years of experience.

“I grew up in a company that manufactured grinding wheels – my grandfather Nino’s company was, in fact, my playground, where I went around the workshop on my trike in the afternoon for me it was like being on a cross motorbike. The smell of pressed resin (Bakelite) is still fresh in my mind! In my eyes – at 3-4 years old – the workshop seemed enormous.”

“A few years ago I went back to that same workshop to show my wife how and where my family’s company started. And this same workshop, now seen with the eyes of a man of 42 years old, is no so big, but is, however, as big as the dream that it has created.”

Luca Moreschi“As a child I had the chance to see the fantastic machines of those who are to be considered the true ‘fathers’ of the glass sector: Zaffiro Bavelloni, Luigi Bovoni.

The charisma of these precursors and visionary ideas enabled them to make possible things that were thought to be impossible at that time, and led to the industrialization of this sector that was, in fact, made up mostly of artisan production.”

“I believe that my dream of creating something important and innovative came about at that time. For many it is crazy to start a new business venture right now in this period, but I believe that success is for those who are believed to be crazy and who, as the history of the glass sector has taught us, can imagine, dream and therefore create.

The next important event for our sector is glasstec in Düsseldorf, and I and the staff of Mole Lucidanti Italiane will be there to present our new product to the most important distributors and machinery manufacturers at the event. Those who wish to make an appointment can contact us at .

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Business News – Glass Technology International – 4/2016