“Today the real money is the time”



Shipping to Italian and European glass companies within 48 hours from order.

In the world of glass, one of the problems we fight every day is the speed of production by suppliers.

The delay of a supplier irremediably pours on the work of the customer, it is as if the glass company was a complex and fascinating device, if even the smallest component is missing, the work slows down and then stops.

For this reason we guarantee to the glass company the shipment of the EcoWonderWheels within 48 hours from the order, we give value to your time and our time.

We are in the era of speed; now a computer whose boot time is thirty seconds longer than we’do like gets thrown away because it is considered obsolete.

In the current historical period, time has become the most precious commodity. We want trains to be ever faster, and planes to take us to the other side of the world in no time. We cannot afford long waiting times anymore.

The EcoWonderWheels will be sent to you within 48 hours of ordering so you can plan and carry out your work with the timeliness of a Swiss watch.

Our speed in the production and shipping of EcoWonderWheels is a natural consequence of our business choices, we are a single-product company, we don’t produce a thousand different items, but we only do one, the EcoWonderWheels, the peripheral polishing wheels.

Being a single product company allows us to streamline production processes, guaranteeing our customers reliability and speed in order managemen.

We do not produce a thousand different articles, but a thousand times the same article, here is the key to our speed!